Top Signs Which Indicate you Need New Windows

Top Signs Which Indicate you Need New Windows

Most people delay the replacement of windows until they can’t be fixed anymore because home improvement is expensive. However, it’s important to learn the signs of windows yourself. 

Loud noise

If your windows are not obstructing the outside noise efficiently like they used to before, it’s probably time to replace them. It can also mean that they were made of inferior quality or were not sealed properly. The best windows for lowering the external noise are double or triple-paned glass windows having the insulation of Argon gas. These windows are ideal to use in a noisy neighbourhood


A draft

Even after closing the windows, do you feel a breeze entering from it? This might be the result of inferior sealing, poor installation and more. A drafty window can greatly change the general temperature of the house. This will force the HVAC system to work double the amount due to the changing temperature. 


Hard to open and close

Windows that were poorly installed usually form balance issues. This creates difficulty with opening and closing the windows. Windows which are rotting or rusting are also not easy to use. In case your windows do not close completely, they can not be locked which endangers the safety of the home. 


Window frames are damaged or soft

If the window frames are chipped or soft, it means that they can not be fixed now. Soft window frames are the result of water infiltration and rotting. It is probable that they will start to sag too. 


Cracked window glass or condensation accumulation inside glass layers

If you observe that your windows are getting cold between the layers of glass, it means that the seals are faulty. This leads to the buildup of moisture inside the glass panes. After the seals break, the insulating gas used to offer energy efficiency is lost. Moreover, cracked window glass allows the air to enter inside and outside the window.