Four fun uses for your bamboo ladder

Do you have a bamboo ladder lying around your lawn? Are you thinking of fun ways to spice up your bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen? A bamboo ladder is an enjoyable and easy way to store items and create lightness in your decor. 

Bamboo is a tall tropical plant in the grass family, with hard and hollow stems used to make ladders, fishing poles, and furniture. A bamboo ladder, as the name implies, is a ladder made from bamboo. While large bamboo ladders help reach high places, smaller kinds are used for indoor or outdoor decoration. Below are four fun ways you can use your bamboo ladder. 

Hanging baskets in your kitchen

You can make your kitchen come alive with hanging baskets and plants. Along with adding beauty to your space, these plants provide oxygen and purify the air in your kitchen. You can be creative with these ladders and come up with fun ideas. You could use decorative cans or pots instead of baskets.  

A rack for your towels

Rather than have your towels draped all over your bathroom, you can fold and hang them neatly on a bamboo ladder. This way, your bathroom looks neat.

Lighting up your bedroom

Hanging lights are a fun way to beautify your bedroom and make it look comfortable. There’s no limit to what you can achieve. You can combine lights of different colours to accomplish a magical look or add scarves and belts to your ladder to make your bedroom look stylish.

Does your sitting room need picture frames?

Another great way to use a bamboo ladder is to display your pictures in the living room. You can fasten the frames to the ladder or clip photos directly on it. 

You don’t have to be an interior decorator or artist to make your home look and feel better. With a bamboo ladder and a few items, you can do so much. You can make your bathroom more organized, add life to your kitchen, and create a cozy feel in your bedroom.